My Ham Radio QTH is a former SWW (South West Water) pumping station located 450 feet ASL...
I currently have two station set-ups available... A Station: Radio an Icom IC-251E with Mutek front-end fitted and Linear Amplifier a Linear Amp Gemini 2-500! B Station: Radio an Icom IC-260E with a Microset SR200 linear amplifier... Using a single low Q yagi CQM10DX designed and built by me, check it out!... | Return to main website here! |

A Station

A Station

B Station

B Station

My CQM10DX homebrew yagi!

Homebrew design and build - CQM10DX Low Q ten element yagi for 2M Band (144MHz) DX'ing!CQM10DX with fat chunky elements!

2M Atlantic Seaboard SSB DX

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I live very close to the Atlantic Ocean and the town of Bude on the North Coast of Devon/Cornwall (IO70ST) which can be quite a challenge at times especially during extreme weather events! To the SW the land rises sharply toward Bodmin Moor... However, the North Coast has a very good take-off out toward North America Bangor Maine and the like... For Tropo this path is pretty grim because of the cold water and sea ice coming down from the North. Yet sometimes we have excellent Tropo toward the SW and then hearing the D4C Beacon (Cape Verde) at S7/8 at more than 4100Km distance!...

It is my firm belief that one day there will be an almighty big E's opening across the Atlantic Ocean, perhaps in early July, making that Trans-Atlantic contact possible! Back in 2006 I worked Fred CU8AO on E's (59+) so I know Atlantic Ocean E's does occur...

A long time ago on 6th July 1998 at around 13.00 UTC I was able to copy the QRO VE1SMU/H beacon (FN84), some 4250Km distant. The weak and slowly fading in/out signal was audible for some time (twenty minutes or so) suggesting Tropo. Despite calling on the telephone several Canadian stations no one was available to try for a QSO. A year later VE1SMU/H closed down!

My own personal enjoyment in the hobby comes from actually talking with and hearing DX stations voices. When it comes to very weak signals especially during Aurora then CW is King! When the going gets tuff FT8 NBG, all the real DX is worked with SSB/CW!

Note I do not operate FT8 as I do not consider FT8 exchanges to be a valid QSO between two operators. The DX station has to be able to hear me and vice versa. Hence any claimed FT8 contacts with my station are void!

My QRZ page is here... https://www.qrz.com/db/g4cqm

Some of my radio equipment is for sale!

73, Derek Hilleard G4CQM

P.S. Due to ongoing health problems I'm not able to get on air as much as I would like to!

G4CQM 144MHz QSO with EA8TJ (Canary Islands)...
G4CQM 144MHz QSO with M6GOF/P (N.W. England)...
Marcos PY1MHZ (Brazil) builds 144MHz 14 ele G4CQM yagi...
Fabricio PU1KVA (Brazil) builds 144MHz 10 ele G4CQM yagi...


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